The Hottest Cooking Oil You’ve Never Heard of: Algae Oil

The Hottest Cooking Oil You've Never Heard of: Algae Oil
If you’ve ever tasted an olive or a coconut in your life, you have an idea of what the oils will taste like. But who’s eating algae? I had assumed it would have an earthy flavor with notes of umami. Instead it had a bright, light almost lemony taste. This might not be the flavor you’d expect from oil made of algae, but we all agreed it was delicious. The oil also boasts an unusually high smoke point (485°F). All of this makes the oil surprisingly suitable for every type of cooking: sautéing, frying, baking, making sauces and dressings. So I set about the kitchen, making everything I could think of: popcorn, fried chicken, sautéed greens, even carrot cake! What’s making algae oil such a superstar isn’t just its versatility in the kitchen, but its health benefits. Algae oil contains unprecedented levels of monounsaturated fats. One tablespoon has the equivalent of eating an entire avocado.