Sustainable Production Process

The production process at the joint venture facility in Brazil embodies the principles of sustainable production, creating high-quality oils with low carbon, water and land use impacts. We use an efficient closed system with a low carbon footprint, where waste sugarcane is used to generate the electricity and steam that powers the facility. The oils produced in Brazil have a low water footprint thanks to rain-fed sugarcane fields and reuse of process water.1

Doing More With Less

Producing AlgaWise® Algae Oils yields more tons of oil per hectare than most plant-based oils. That means we can use less land to make more oil. This is important as our global population is predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050 and we need to feed more people using fewer resources.2

Engaging Our Communities

We believe in supporting the communities, families and people who live and work in the areas where we operate. In partnership with the Fundação Bunge through Semear Leitores Program, 11 reading spaces have been opened in the Orindiúva region of Brazil to promote literacy and education in the community.