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Microalgae are the world’s original oil producers and the ancestors of all plants. After screening more than ten thousand mircroalgae strains, Corbion researchers isolated a few truly unique strains on which we based our technology. Corbion’s microalgae can natively convert sugars directly into oils in closed fermentation tanks, offering a highly efficient, consistent and contained production environment.

Our Process

  • Step One


    Microalgae are the original source of oil. We combine the best traits from mother nature with our microalgae to make better, more sustainable oil.

    • Microalgae originally found in the sap of a Chestnut Tree in Germany.
    • Add in traits from plants applying the same tools of biotechnology used for decades to make cheese, vitamins and medicines.
    • Microalgae that produce better, more sustainable oils e.g. oils with the highest levels of monounsaturated fats, low levels of saturated fat, zero trans fat and high smoke point.
  • Step Two


    Renewable sugar and other nutrients are fed to the microalgae. Renewable sugar sources1 can include:

    Sugar Beets
    Sugar Cane
  • Step Three


    Fermentation has been used for thousands of years to make things like beer, wine and even vitamins. We feed plant sugar and other nutrients to the microalgae and they make oils in a contained fermentation process in just a few days.

    Microalgae cell filled with oil
  • Step Four

    Expeller Press

    The microalgae are dried, then pressed to release the oil, using the same pressing method used for coconut and seed oils. The microalgae are separated from the oil, which is then refined. The final product, Algae Oil, does not contain genetically modified organisms.

    Expreller Press
Results of using AlgaWise ingredients Results of using AlgaWise ingredients Results of using AlgaWise ingredients Results of using AlgaWise ingredients


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