• What is microalgae?

    Microalgae are single cells of algae. In existence for billions of years, microalgae are one of nature’s first foods and all plants have descended from microalgae.

  • What is AlgaWise® High Stability Omega-9 Algae Oil?

    AlgaWise® High Stability Omega-9 Algae Oil is an algae oil that has extremely low levels of polyunsaturates, zero trans fat, and high levels of Omega-9 fatty acids.

Frequently Asked Questions by Topic

  • General Questions
    What is Algae

    Algae is an ancient source of macro and micronutrients. It is the foundation of our food chain and the basis of all plant life.1

    Where was the algae used to make AlgaWise® Algae Oil discovered?

    The algae used to produce AlgaWise® Algae Oil was originally found in the sap of a chestnut tree in a botanical garden in Germany in the 1800's.

    What is AlgaWise® Algae Oil?

    AlgaWise® Ultra Omega-9 Algae Oil is an algae oil that is high in monounsaturated fatty acids (> 90%), extremely low in saturated fat (< 4%) and contains zero trans fat per serving.

    How is AlgaWise® Algae Oil Labeled?

    The ingredient AlgaWise® Algae Oil is typically labeled as "Algae Oil" or "Algal Oil."

    How is AlgaWise® Algae Oil Produced?

    To make an algae oil that delivers health and sustainability benefits, we start with algae, the mother of all plants1 and a natural producer of oil. We look to nature to find the best traits from descendant oil producing plants, such as safflower or olive, and using basic tools of biotechnology, introduce them to the algae’s oil producing pathways. The algae is now equipped to produce an oil with even more good fats and less saturated fats. We grow the algae in contained fermentation tanks, feeding them sugar that they then naturally convert to oil. Finally, we expeller press the algae to release the oil, separating the oil from the algae. There is no algae mass left in the algae oil and the oil does not contain genetically modified material. Click on our Innovation page to learn more about our fermentation process.

    Is AlgaWise® Algae Oil Safe?

    AlgaWise® Algae Oil is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) in compliance with FDA regulations concerning substances for food use. A panel of scientific experts reviewed published safety data and processing information and confirmed the safety of algae oil for its intended use. A GRAS Notice to the FDA (GRN 527) received a "No Questions" letter from the FDA.